NACAP Continuing Professional Education

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Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

A Certified Accounting Paraprofessional (CAP) is required to obtain 24 hours of continuing professional education (CPE) each year beginning the year after they obtain their license. CAP's are not required to take NACAP CPE, but may obtain CPE from any qualified CPE provider.

Receiving CPE

NACAP members and nonmembers receive CPE upon completion of an NACAP course. To receive CPE, complete the CPE Request Form below and select the course completed in the Course field. We'll email you a CPE certificate within one to two business days.

To purchase CPE courses, please visit the Education, or CPE License page.



  • Accounting Fundamentals - 26 CPE credits
  • Bookkeeping with QuickBooks Online - 16 CPE credits (Free for Members)


  • Payroll Fundamentals - 14 CPE credits
  • Payroll with QuickBooks Online Payroll - 16 CPE credits (Free for Members)

QuickBooks Online

  • QuickBooks Online Fundamentals - 20 CPE credits


  • Accounting Principles - 22 CPE credits
  • Accounting – What the Numbers Mean - 22 CPE Credits
  • Accounting in the Changing Business Environment - 28 CPE Credits
  • Accounting with QuickBooks Online Accountant - 16 CPE Credits (Free for Pro Members)

Accounting Analysis

  • Accounting Analysis - 28 CPE credits
  • Analyzing and Interpreting Financial Statements - 26 CPE Credits


  • Individual Tax Fundamentals - 28 CPE credits
  • Business Tax Fundamentals - 28 CPE Credits
  • Tax Planning Fundamentals - 36 CPE Credits